2022 Best Online Business Degree Programs

Below you'll find a list of the best online business degree programs at the bachelor's level. An online business degree is one of the most common degrees in the US. They provide students with a foundational education that allows them to enter the workforce in their preferred area of commerce. Most business degrees offer specialization paths for you to choose from, such as marketing or business administration. Furthermore, each university may offer a specific program that fits your career goals, so it's important to carefully consider each option based on where you see yourself working in the business world. Many business school graduates often go on to become entrepreneurs or company leaders, while others may seek advanced studies in finance, law, or economics.

Certifications and Resources for Business Students

The world of business is constantly evolving; those who work in any aspect of the profession must always be ready to gain new skills to stay relevant in the industry. Online business certificate programs can be a good way for busy professionals to earn the knowledge, skills and credentials they need without sacrificing time away from the office. Depending upon the program, graduates might be able to advance their career, seek out a raise or even change paths to try something new and different. This guide focuses on the various options for online business certificate programs, including low-cost or free options.

Types of Online Business Certificates

There are more than a few reasons to earn a certificate in a particular area of business, and even more reasons to earn that certificate online. Whether the e

nd goal is to enhance a knowledge area, build a new skill set, aim for a management position or even change lanes to find a new career, a business certificate might be able to help. Here are a few good reasons why online business certificate programs make sense.

1.Augment Current Business CredentialsThose who want to boost their resume or learn the skills that could lead to a promotion can turn to the huge variety of online business programs to find the one that suits their future plans. From boosting their management prowess to learning more about marketing projects to establishing a baseline of knowledge in finance, these certificates can be a boost to everyday work. They can also open doors to areas that might not have been considered before, such as a manager moving into a financial area of their company.

2.Prove the Ability to Handle New ExpectationsThose who are moving up in the business world need to prove they know their stuff. Online business certificate programs offer a wealth of in-depth knowledge, from simply brushing up on the theories and principles learned during college or introducing something entirely new. By constantly being open to learning, business professionals prove that they can rise to any occasion, fulfill and exceed the expectations of their supervisors, and otherwise demonstrate that they have the kind of knowledge that is put to good use in businesses today.

3.Learn About New and Emerging TechnologiesBy taking a course online, students can get hands-on experience with new technologies that might help them with their day-to-day work. Online education is delivered through various platforms, all of which include video chats, lectures, message boards, quizzes and the like. By using these new technologies, enterprising business students might be able to find ways to incorporate them into their own work, thus setting the stage for a smoother workflow – and of course, for that coveted promotion.

4.Move into a New SectorSpeaking of opening new doors, some business certifications might qualify a professional to move into an entirely new career path. Business encompasses so many disciplines, such as marketing, finance, advertising, and more; by choosing to expand a base of knowledge and skills, a business professional with numerous certifications might be qualified to move into other areas of the field.

5.Cast a Wider Networking NetIn the world of business, “who you know” matters just as much as what you know. An online course allows the perfect opportunity to network with other students, professors and advisors, thus casting a wider net – and that can eventually lead to new, exciting and even lucrative partnerships. It helps that the students in the course are all looking for the same educational experience, which means they might be working at the same levels; for instance, a course for managers will likely draw either managers or aspiring managers.

Spotlight: 10 Great Online Business Certificate Programs

There are thousands of business certificates to choose from, ranging from those that are suitable for students who simply want a bit of extra knowledge to graduate certificates designed for those who are already deep into working in a business-related field. The following certificates are excellent examples of what is out there for aspiring students to choose from.